Best Mattresses for Sensitive Backs

When it comes to finding a mattress that promotes quality sleep for those suffering from sensitive backs or spinal pain, there is no “one mattress fits all”. Each individual’s back pain is unique to them, so the best mattress to relieve pain truly depends on each person’s preference. Half Price Mattress, Broward County’s leading mattress store, has the answers to your mattress back pain relief questions.

According to Jeffrey N. Katz, M.D., of Harvard Medical School, those suffering from back pain experience more relief using medium-firm mattresses rather than the previously assumed firm mattresses, as recommended by back and sleep experts for years. The primary piece of advice doctors, chiropractors, and sleep specialists give to individuals suffering from back pain who are looking for a better mattress to promote healing and relief is to try out as many mattresses as possible to see which one supports their physique the best.

There are many kinds of mattresses and they range according to the brand, materials used to make them, size, and more. The key qualities those who have back pain should consider when searching for a better mattress are as follows:

For Back Sleepers: Whether it is firm enough to support your back in the problem areas while being soft enough to contour to your body so as to not promote issues in other parts of the back

For Side Sleepers: Whether or not a mattress has slight softness for additional cushioning of the shoulders and hips

For Stomach Sleepers: A firmer mattress is recommended to keep sleepers even, not dipped, which could cause other back problems due to having an arch while sleeping

For Rolling Sleepers: A high motion isolation mattress such as a memory foam mattress, which is firm yet softens depending on each sleeper’s weight and pressure points, is ideal for sleepers who move a lot

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Whether your back pain is in your lower back, moves around your back, or is deep and chronic, we’ve provided four options of highly supportive mattresses that help relieve all kinds of back pain, although there are many other mattresses and brands that include the necessary components in mattresses to have the same relieving effects. As one of the top mattress stores in Fort Lauderdale, Half Price Mattress can help you learn more about how the mattresses below and other mattresses can help relieve your back pain.

The first mattress is the Saatva Mattress, which uses specially-designed comfort coils that move independently of each other to promote the truest body contour possible by a coil mattress. Saatva mattresses are used in many luxury hotels and the brand is also the official mattress of Healthbridge Sleep, a center developed to help people with sleep issues.

The next mattress is the Amerisleep AS2, which is an eco-friendly memory foam mattress. They provide lots of customized support thanks to their multi-layered memory foam support, which provides optimal spinal alignment all night long. Many long-time Amerisleep AS2 users note that they experienced long-term back pain relief.

Next, the Helix Mattress, which is great for those who simply cannot find a mattress that works for them and their unique back pain. The Helix Mattress is completely customizable for its owner’s specific back pain problems, and the company says that if your back pain does not reduce and the mattress brings no relief, you can return it at no cost in the first 100 days.

Finally, the Bear Mattress is a new concept mattress and has been designed specifically to promote physical recovery for athletes and those with back problems or back injuries. So, if you’re physically active and want a mattress that decreases the time it takes for your body to recover from exercise and/or injuries, this is definitely the mattress to try out.

Overall, there are many mattress options to help relieve back pain, and all back pain requires personalized service and care to determine the best mattress for relief. Visit Half Price Mattress, one of the best mattress stores in Broward County, to discover your new mattress, and experience the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Call 954-361-0606 or visit to learn more about how Half Price Mattress will help you rediscover restful and relieving sleep.

1/2 Price Mattress is South Florida’s favorite discount mattress outlet warehouse. We carry the biggest selection of all major name brand mattresses like Serta, Simmons, Sealy, Stearns & Foster and much more at true outlet prices, 50-75% off retail prices guaranteed!

Best Mattress Types 2017

A good, solid, uninterrupted sleep is something to be desired – not experienced – in this day and age. With work, the kids, the pets, electronics, and other necessary yet sleep-dampening effects, it’s quite rare to get quality sleep night after night – it’s more likely that out of the 365 nights this year, we will achieve maybe 50 above-average sleeps.

We have all heard the doc-talk about how important a good night’s sleep is for our well-being, health, and happiness, but in fact, 2 in 3 American adults do not get the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night. So what is the most effective solution to this sleep-deprived society? We don’t have time to get into it right now, but we can cover one of the primary ways you may give yourself the best chance to get a sufficiently nourishing sleep: making sure your mattress is the best fit for you.

The best mattress for one person usually isn’t the same as for the next person. We all have unique needs and preferences when it comes to identifying “the right mattress”.  ½ Price Mattress of Fort Lauderdale understands this notion and works to understand your individual needs to help you choose what is best for you. Many mattress stores in South Florida attempt to sell you whichever product increases their returns. But ½ Price Mattress knows that a mattress purchase is one of your most important investments each decade, and they work to ensure you are fully satisfied before you buy.

Yet mattresses are expensive and are with you for around a decade (about 25,550 hours and over one thousand days of quality time), so if you’re led to purchase one based on luxury prices rather than your comfort and well-being, you’re in the wrong place.

Best Mattress Types 2017 - 1/2 Price Mattress - Live Life, Sleep Right, Half Price

One of the top mattress stores near Fort Lauderdale happens to be ½ Price Mattress, and they offer all kinds of quality mattresses from a range of prominent brands. They’ve also put together a list of the best types of mattresses in hopes of making your next mattress purchase easier than the last.

Best Mattress Types for 2017

1) Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses are the most popular mattress types at this time. Many brands have hopped on the memory foam wagon since these kinds of mattresses have been introduced in the market, which is great for consumers as there are now options that won’t empty your bank account. Memory foam mattresses are popular because they mold to your body in response to heat and pressure fluctuations, allowing for even distribution of body weight. They are also quite soft and highly absorbent of energy, so if your partner tosses and turns, you’ll barely notice.

2) Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring Mattresses are the next best option. They are the oldest kind of mattress and most popular throughout time around the world. Although they are still second to memory foam due to their inferiority regarding motion transfer and durability, there is a much wider selection of innerspring mattresses than memory foam. Practically every mattress brand has at least one product of this kind, and the variety of products across many brands works to the benefit of consumers, as prices are affordable and range from just a few hundred dollars to over a grand.

3) Natural Latex Mattresses

100% Natural Latex Mattresses are a lesser-known option for those who think green and prefer sleeping on an all-natural, chemical-compound-free mattress. They are made with sap from the Rubber Tree, which is collected from the trees and processed into latex, commonly used in mattresses and pillows among other products. Some latex mattresses that are advertised as “100% Natural” are actually a mixture of natural materials and synthetic chemicals that are necessary to stabilize a certain kind of natural sap (Talalay), so if this is a mattress type that you are considering, be sure to do your research and ask the right questions for your needs.

We hope that this introduction to the best types of mattresses is helpful in your search for the perfect mattress for you. And remember, if you’re shopping for a mattress near Fort Lauderdale, ½ Price Mattress should be your first (and only) stop. Call today at 954-361-0606 or visit us at and find out how they will ensure your next mattress purchase brings you the best possible sleep for years to come.

3 Signs You Need a New Mattress

Buy a new mattress in Fort Lauderdale

Trouble Sleeping? Could it be Time for a New Mattress?

Have you been having difficulty sleeping? Night after night, you roll and reposition but you just can’t seem to get comfortable no matter what you do. You’re exhausted nearly every morning, and in terrible pain along your back, neck and shoulders. Have you considered the possibility that it could be your mattress? We often avoid this possibility. We simply roll over or reach for over-the-counter sleep aids. Sometimes, we defer to sleeping on couches, maybe even on the floor. Why do we do this?

We need sleep. That’s why it is imperative to get to the bottom of this issue, and to a solution. So, if you suspect that your mattress may be getting in the way of your sleep, here are three signs that you need a new mattress:


1) How old is your mattress?

The first thing you must consider is the age of your mattress. If you purchased your mattress at a mattress sale more than 8 years ago, than chances are you need a replacement. This is because the material that makes up your mattress wears with use. Consumer Reports magazine recommends that you get a new mattress every 7 to 10 years. Now, you may be surprised to learn this if your mattress came with a 20-year warranty along with its sale. Remember that warranties don’t cover the entire mattress, just certain parts, such as its springs and frame.


2) Do you wake aching in pain?

Every morning, you get up but can’t get over the stiffness in your neck, back or shoulders. Plus, you’re exhausted. It’s likely that the firmness of your mattress is wrong for your body. The older your mattress gets, the less support it provides. The layer of material intended to provide comfort and stability diminishes and you end up sleeping on the springs. Ouch! The pain from this problem can be significant, depleting your energy and effecting your performance throughout the day.


3) Does your mattress show any signs of sagging?

If you’re experiencing discomfort or pain when you get out of bed, you should inspect your bed for any signs of sagging. Look for any indentation or body impressions. This happens to your mattress when your springs beak down, causing them to become less resilient. As this happens, the weight of the body leaves behind impressions in the comfort material in a short period. Sagging as little as 1.5 inches deep can lead to serious back pain.


An Investment that Improves the Rest

Replacing your mattress is an investment that improves the rest of your life. A restless you, well, is just not you. Sleepless and pain filled nights lead to restless days, which can seriously impact your health and job performance. You cannot live like this. ½ Price Mattress offers a wide selection of mattresses, and with many on sale, you will find the right level of comfort at a price that is comfortable to you. Investing in a new mattress can be the start of a new day, one with a good night’s sleep behind it. Look at some of the brands we carry at 1/2 Price Mattress – click here to view our mattresses.